The Seven People That Already Work For Bradesco That Have An Equal Chance Of Becoming

Banco Bradesco SA – most often referred to as “Bradesco” – is one of the largest banks throughout the fifth-most-populated country in the world, Brazil. Bradesco, being such a significant player in the world of finance across the entirety of South America – not just Brazil – finds its name spread across headlines in financial news media on a regular basis.

Bradesco’s longtime Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao, stepped down from his position just short of one month ago, on October 11th, 2017. Mr. Brandao was first appointed to the role of Chairman in 1990, when Bradesco’s founder Amador Aguiar started experiencing problems with his health. Brandao held the position for the past twenty-seven years without any breaks, position changes, or any problems, a near-supernatural feat for anyone, even more so for someone that did such a good job from the time he started when he was 64 until his retirement date at the age of 91.

Although Lazaro de Mello Brandao didn’t inform any fellow employees of his decision to step down prior to his announcement on October 10th, 2017, his resignation doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to those within Bradesco’s many ranks, journalists and other members of financial news media outside of the financial institution’s boundaries, or Mr. Brandao’s family. After 74 years with Bradesco, everyone with a semblance of reason knew his time with the privately-owned financier was certain to end sometime within the next few years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco since March of 2009, when he took over the position for Marcio Cypriano. Mr. Trabuco is only the fourth such CEO to control Banco Bradesco’s operations since it was founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar.

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Another astonishing tidbit of information is the fact that Mr. Aguiar and Lazaro Brandao have been – as of October 10th, 2017, the last full day Mr. Brandao served Bradesco as its Chairman – the only two people to serve the financial institution in such capacity throughout its entire history!

Bradesco has traditionally rewarded its longest-tenured employees with roles in its team of executives. As a matter of fact, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked for the financial institution throughout the entirety of his career. Mr. Brandao and Mr. Trabuco share this characteristic, as they’ve both worked for Banco Bradesco since their teenage years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi finished secondary school ahead of schedule as a teenager, moving hundreds of miles away from his hometown of Marilia — where he’d find a position at Banco Bradesco upon the completion of two separate degrees in metropolitan Sao Paulo. He first went to the University of Sao Paulo and earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, then bagged a postgraduate certification in Socio-Psychology.

Mr. Trabuco has announced that there will be seven people contesting for the position of Chairman:

· Andre Rodrigues Cano – Joined in 1977, head of HR.
· Octavio de Lazari – Mr. Lazari was hired in 1978, head of Bradesco Seguros.
· Marcelo de Araujo Noronha – Youngest candidate, over I-banking.
· Josue Augusto Pancini – Mr. Pancini has been with Bradesco since 1975, and is the head of high-income banking.
· Domingos Figueiredo Abreu – Joined Bradesco in 1981 and is responsible for lending. Abreu and Gluher were involved in the acquisition of HSBC Holdings‘ Brazilian retail unit.
· Alexandre da Silva Gluher – Chief Risk Officer, first hired in 1976.
· Mauricio Machado de Minas – Mr. Minas is over information technology at Bradesco. Although he’s only been with the bank since 2009, his long history in IT equips him well for today’s tech-heavy world.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:á-presidência-do-conselho-do-Bradesco.htm

Stream Energy’s Advice on How to Reduce the Electric Bill

It is true that most of us have at one point looked at our electricity bill and got shocked as it came higher than anticipated. The most significant question is usually; how did I use all this power? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sometimes the electricity used make us pay high bills to the power companies. Once this has taken place the next logical thing that goes through your mind is how you can reduce the figure so that you never pay the enormous amounts of cash again.

It is true that when it comes to the payment of bills, everyone has a comfortable figure that they can pay without feeling the pinch. What you might not know is that the electrical appliances we use in our homes and offices come with a hidden electrical cost. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

The most common thought that goes through people’s mind is that since you are not using it, it might not be draining power from the socket. It might come as a surprise to you, but any electrical appliance that is plugged into the outlets always end up consuming power whether in use or not.

Stream Energy, an American based company that deals with the protection of home appliances while at the same time deals with the provision of energy found that another good example of devices that lead to the wastage of electricity is the coffee maker. By switching of this appliance, you stand to save about a dollar each year on your electricity bill. The same applies to other household electrical appliances that range from your TV set, home theater system. Printer and even gaming console. Powering them off and disconnecting them from the power source will make you save the power bill considerably. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

According to statistics from stream energy, the home entertainment system alone makes individuals incur $130 on a yearly basis if not disconnected from the power sockets. It is true to say that a lot of power that could be saved or put to better use end up being wasted on a yearly basis.

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Nathaniel Ru Promotes Healthy Food Consumption Through Festivals

There are a lot of advantages that are associated with having a healthy diet. Sweetgreen is a fast food outlet, and it is known for healthy food and quality services. Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder of Sweetgreen.

He graduated in the year 2007, from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business together with two other Sweetgreen founders Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme.

During their senior years on campus, the three friends were unable to locate a place where they could be able to get healthy and fresh food. It is as a result of the challenge that they decided to turn M-Street Tavern a place where people could access healthy meals.

One factor that enabled the three founders to excel in the fast food business is the fact that they came from families that were deeply involved different enterprise ventures.

Ru says that the ability to offer better services is the primary reason as to why Sweetgreen stands out uniquely from other restaurants. Additionally, the fresh organic food that is served at the hotel makes customers to always show up at the doorsteps of the hotel.

Sweetgreen has a unique operational model. Ru works hard to decentralize the operations of the firm, and this makes it possible for Sweetgreen to avail services in different parts of the city, and it also becomes possible to reach many clients in the market. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and  Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase

According to Ru, the primary challenge at the enterprise is enlarging the team so that it is possible to tackle crucial roles all at once without much intervention from the managerial department. When Sweetgreen was in its infant stage, Ru had to intensively participate in all activities that were undertaken by the enterprise, and this made it possible for the company to take off and become successful.

However, he later came to understand the importance of team building as well as engaging the employees in the central mission of the organization. It gives them a sense of belonging as well as the need to fulfill their responsibilities as if they owned the business. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

In different forums where Nathaniel Ru has previously been invited to act as the guest speaker, he stated that building a link between customers and the food they are served is a technique that is employed at Sweetgreen.

It creates a healthy environment, which makes customers have a different experience at any Sweetgreen outlet that they visit. There is also a seasonal menu that makes customers come back to have a taste of their seasonal diets that are served during particular occasions.

Sweetgreen depends on nature to offer seasonal food within its different localities. Also, Ru has collaborated with the local artists to set up a Sweetlife Festival. During the festival, local vendors work together with Ru to prepare healthy foods, and this has proved to be an effective method of promoting a healthy diet in the society.

The American Institute of Architects and its Leadership

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that helps architects to enhance their professional development. This organization provides mentorship and education to help a number of architects get the knowledge they need in order to excel in their occupation. Longevity has been one of the key attributes of this organization as it has been in existence since the year 1857. It was founded by 13 architects and has now grown to over 90,000 members throughout the United States. Along with having over 90,000 members, the American Institute of Architects has over 260 chapters in many locations worldwide. Over the years the American Institute of Architects has established itself as a leasing source of information for architects that are looking to reach their full potential.

During its existence, the American Institute of Architects has established itself as a leading institution in the architecture field due to a combination of its values and standards. This organization looks to consistently provide architects with valuable resources that will help them reach their goals and enhance their abilities. It often helps architects have the tools necessary to do the highest quality work that they can do. The core values of equity, diversity and inclusion allow the organization to enable architects from a variety of backgrounds to contribute to this valuable field. Along with the core values, the American Institute of Architects goes by standards and a code ethics to ensure that they maintain their reputation as a trustworthy organization.

Like all other organizations, the American Institute of Architects has certain leadership in order to allow it to consistently reach its goals. Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of this organization and has held these positions for six years. Since 2011, Ivy has led the organization to becoming the most trusted source of information and education for architects throughout the United States and the rest of the world. With his leadership, Ivy has been able to provide architects with information about the latest trends and developments in the field.

Before Robert Ivy assumed the top leadership role of the American Institute of Architects, he attended college and completed two degree programs. As an undergraduate, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. Ivy would then complete a master’s degree in Architecture at Tulane University. After completing his degree programs, Robert would then begin his career. He spent a number of years in the writing and editing field and in 1996 became the editor in chief at a publication known as Architectural Record .

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Beauty Fashionista Doe Deere In The Spotlight-

In the world of cosmetics there is always a new craze, rage, or style that is created and marketed to entice beauty conscious consumers. And there’s always a trendy inventor behind every alluring cosmetic brand out there that is ready to be promoted- whether small scale or large. One trendsetter among today’s list of beauty entrepreneurs is a gal by the name of Doe Deere, founder of the revolutionary Lime Crime cosmetic company.


Born in Russia, this porcelain skinned beauty emigrated to the United States at 17, relocating to New York City with her family. Doe was just 13 when she started her own beauty-oriented business, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates and learning the basics of marketing a product. The young lady studied fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology, but later dropped out to create her own fashion line, Lime Crime. She spent 14 years of her life in N.Y.C., traversing from Manhattan to Brooklyn and working in the music business. Doe dabbled in songwriting, started a rock band, and found the love of her life- husband and business partner Mark Deere. Although Doe enjoys expressing her creative self with music, her true love is fashion and cosmetics. The thirty-something individualist follows her heart and enjoys exploring new visionary ideas when it comes to her hip make-up line. Doe is a free- thinker and believes strongly that everyone should tap into their talents in life and stay true to their heart’s desire and individuality. “Go where you love” is her motto. Doe truly believes that through innovative fashion and make-up, a girl or guy can fully express themselves in a distinctive, freedom-loving way. She prides herself as a non-conformist and enjoys experimenting with different ideas in clothing and beauty trends. Learn more:


Since the sapphire-eyed beauty expert launched Lime Crime back in 2008, the cosmetic company continues to grow in popularity with Millennials today. Known basically for it’s modish, unconventional lipsticks; the make-up brand is noted as fashion-forward and inventive. From it’s bold Metallic Velvetine liquid lipsticks, Venus Palette eyeshadows, and eye-catching semi-permanent unicorn hair dye, Lime Crime is definitely a stylishly cool cosmetic line. Many of the brand’s products can be purchased at an array of retailers such as and Wal Mart too. Also, the vegan and cruelty-free make-up brand boasts of being PETA-approved, which gives animal lovers a good feeling whenever they purchase the product. Learn more:


Responsibilities of USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is the established marketing of the USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group is a reputable insurance holding company that has been in operation for many years. The company has its main headquarters based in Fort Worth in Texas.

Crunchbase said that USHEALTH Group concentrates its operations in offering innovative health insurance to self-employed people and also small business owners. The main aim of starting the insurance company was so as to bring together the talents of the agents and employees f the company in order to market the company’s insurance products which are known to be profitable and competitive.

USHEALTH Group has earned a name for itself when it comes to the insurance industry due to the exemplary services that it offers to all its clients.

Troy McQuagge is the person who oversees all the operations of USHEALTH Group. He serves as the CEO of the company and is mandated to make sure that all the strategic plans of the insurance company are implemented. USHEALTH Advisors which is responsible for marketing the products of USHEALTH Group has been in operation for many decades.

Its main function is to market the health insurance plans that are insured and underwritten by its mother company. The target customer for USHEALTH Advisors is the common American citizen, entrepreneurs as well as small business owners together with their employees and dependants.

USHEALTH Advisors has been in operation for more than 5 years and has managed to contribute a lot when it comes to the growth and success of USHEALTH group. Read more: About USHEALTH Group – USHEALTH Group

The healthcare sector comes with many unique needs and this marketing arm of USHEALTH has made it its responsibility to solve them by catering for the healthcare costs which keep on growing every single day.

The management team behind USHEALTH advisors is comprised of skilled professionals who have the required experience and training in healthcare coverage. Due to its hard work and commitment in the last 35 years, USHEALTH Advisors has managed to win many different awards among them the prestigious Stevie Awards.

USHEALTH was also recently awarded with the CEO World Award for the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative hence the Gold Winner.

Goettl Stands Out in a Crowded Field

Goettl Air Conditioning is a long-standing company that was founded in 1932 by two brothers, Gust and Adam. They were the first to make available evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning technology to residents in the dry and hot desert Southwest of the United States.

Goettl has worked with and serviced five generations of families over the years and became known for its thorough and friendly customer service and fair prices. However, in the nineties the company was purchased by a big national management company and things began to go downhill. Instead of a no-questions-asked servicing policy, there were many bumps in the road and things did not always get taken care of so well. Prices went up and customers were generally dissatisfied.

Employees were on edge too because it was a frustrating experience to attempt to take care of customers when upper management from afar had taken away many of the resources that had been readily available before.

Ken Goodrich was an entrepreneur who had spent his entire business life reviving failing companies and bringing them back into profitability. He purchased Goettl in 2013 and knew it would be a challenge, but he saw an opportunity for customers and employees to get back to where they were before. Check out for more imfo.

There were problems to overcome, such as a pending lawsuit that stemmed from a prior charge of shady business practices. There was also big hurdles in winning back customers and giving confidence to employees. Goodrich scheduled many in-person visits with both parties. The customers needed to hear what they could expect in the way of pricing and service, and the employees needed to be reassured that they really had a future at Goettl.

Goodrich set in place a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed plan that covered all goods and services without question. He assured the employees of their future and built a sense of excitement among them because of the high efforts they would be making with customers to provide excellent service. For more details visit LinkedIn

In another strategic move, chronicled by, Goodrich acquired the Southern California Walton’s Heating and Air. Walton’s had been primarily active in commercial HVAC while Goettl had worked in the residential markets with very little commercial HVAC activity. Here was a chance to combine both disciplines into the same company and have both be enhanced by the other’s strengths.

Things have worked out extremely well, and with annual revenues of $50 million and climbing, it is obvious that Ken Goodrich knew what he was doing.

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Jim Larkin excellent work with trade unions

Jim Larkin is famed for his exceptional work in fighting for laborers rights. He is a renowned socialist, activist, and communist. Jim Larkin was a prominent labor activist and organizer.

He established the Irish Transport and General Workers` Union (ITGWU). James Larkin left behind a legacy that will be passed from one generation to another. He is the legend behind the trade unions in the world.

Jim was born on January 21, 1876, in Liverpool. He was raised in poverty life, and he didn’t have a chance to get the formal education. Having been raised in hardships, he started working at his tender age. Jim Larkin could do odd jobs to supplement the family earnings.

In his youth life, he was apprenticed to work in a company that his dad use to work before his death. Later he was fired and joined the shipping industry as a docker and sailor.

Jim Larkin made it through eventually after becoming the foreman in the Liverpool docks. Jim was a devoted socialist and Marxist who saw and believed that workers were unfairly treated and they deserved better treatment from their employers. For that sake, he joined National Union of Docks (NUDL) which made him venture into full-time trade union organizer in the year 1905. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Larkin’s militant strike approaches, alarmed the National Union of Docks which made him be transferred and work from Dublin in 1907. At Dublin as an activist, James founded the Irish Transport and General Workers` Union.

His goal was to bring together all Irish skilled, semi-skilled and industrial workers into a union that will help them air out their problems to the employers.

Jim later formed the Irish Labour Party through which he was involved in leading numerous strikes in Dublin, including the 1913 Dublin Lockout which attributed to over 100,000 employees to go on a strike for almost eight consecutive months. However, they won the right to fair employment.

During the World War I, Jim Larkin was responsible for staging anti-war demonstrations in Dublin, Ireland. He was committed to winning and moved to the United States in 1914 in search of funds to fight the British and support ITGWU which had fallen apart after the Dublin Lockout.

He later stood up and organized the Workers` Union of Ireland which made him receive awards from Communist International. James Larkin continuously organized the unions up to 1940s. He died in 1947, but his legacy is still living.

Bernardo Chua Advocates Grape Seed Oil For Optimal Health

Bernardo Chua, a native of the philipines, possesses much wisdom and experience in both the supplement business as well as multi-level marketing.

Mr. Chua believes that direct sales are the most efficient sales model. His main focus in his many business endeavors has been the introduction of Asian herbs to users around the world through a variety of supplement types.

Bernado Chua’s beginning in the supplement business started while still in his homeland when he took a job with Gano Excel. Within three years, Chua had helped Gano Excel to expand first to Hong Kong and Canada, and then to the United States. Chua would then move to California where he became president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

The Street revealed that one of the company’s most highly regarded products, and one that Bernardo Chua personally recommends for optimal health is Organo Grapeseed Oil Supplement. The product has been heralded for a host of important benefits. Among them:

Scavenging For Radicals

Oregano Gold’s grape seed extract contains polyphenols, a nutrient that many health experts believe may be the most important to human health. Polyphenols are efficient at neutralizing oxygen radicals that cause inflammation.

Protects articles from clogging

The most common type of Polyphenols in grape seed extract is Flavonoids. Flavonoids are known to decrease bad cholesterol.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Flavonoids make grape seed extract a viable alternative for the control of blood pressure. This happens because the ability of flavonoids to relax arteries and blood vessels.

Contains anti-aging properties

Grape seed extract has proven to work wonders for the health of skin. When used topically grape seed extract is absorbed by the skin in a quick and efficient manner.

Has Anti-Everything Properties

Seriously, grape seed extract contains a compound named resveratrol which has been long acknowledged for its anti-inflammatory properties. Grape seed extract is also known for Anti-fungal, and Anti bacterial properties.

Organo grape seed extract is 100% natural and safe

Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Well Respected Contributions to the Legal Community

A new attorney referral service has recently been unveiled in New York. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), has made an online debut and is designed to match attorneys and clients based on specific criteria. The New York Bar Association (NYBA) previously provided this service only by telephone. The service is beneficial to both clients and attorneys. Clients benefit by saving time in having to interview multiple attorneys; this also saves clients the frustration of having to discuss potentially upsetting or sensitive information repeatedly. Attorneys benefit by having their potential clients pre-screened and are able to gain additional business in their specialization. Should a client wish to consult with the selected attorney, a small referral fee of $35 is paid however, this is sometimes waived depending on the case type.


Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a boutique law firm specializing in corporate law. More specifically, their specialty is in corporate governance issues, and executive pay. Mr. Goldstein has handled many complex mergers and acquisitions for many well known corporations in the US. This isn’t his first partnership in a firm; he previously worked as a partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. His educational background serves him well, as he has both an MBA and Law Degree from New York University.


Jeremy Goldstein has also contributed to NYU’s Jornal of Law as well as Harvard University in his specialization area(s). He makes time for charity work and serves in leadership roles at both the Make a Wish Foundation and a lesser known charity Fountain House. The latter organization helps those in the community with issues regarding mental illness. Mr. Goldstein has also won many awards over the years for his impressive work. He’s certainly an attorney who’s on top of his game and deserves top recognition.


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