No Poo Shampoo – Really?

The controversy still continues over original shampoo or the not-so-new no poo shampoo method. While the thought of not washing your hair might make you cringe, certain hair advocates (and no poo movement members), believe that the unnecessary lathering of shampoo may be harmful to your mane.

Shampoo has been a daily essential for the past several decades. The no poo movement believes that the ingredients in shampoo strips your hair of it’s natural oils and in return your scalp and hair produce more oil to compensate. Hence, needing to wash and shampoo regularly.

The no poo shampoo is a natural method consisting of baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and water. The concoction is made up of half and half. Mix half baking soda to half water and half apple cider vinegar to half water.

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The no poo shampoo doesn’t stand for not washing your hair at all. Actually rinsing your hair with water is acceptable. The benefit of using this non-lathering method is there is no signs of damage to your hair. The no poo shampoo is cost effective too. No poo shampoo users have reported washing their hair once a week to every two weeks with fabulous results (after the transition period).

Wen By Chaz, a natural, light-lathering, cleansing conditioner, is said to be comparable to the no poo shampoo. Endorsed by TV models and celebrities, Wen By Chaz has had positive results on all hair types. This natural cleansing product leaves the hair looking and feeling fuller and lustrous.

If you’re looking for a new regimen besides the everyday wash and lather, it’s worth the cost to try Wen By Chaz cleansing products or the no poo shampoo method – Really.

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