Morocco’s Tazekka National Park is a Model of Conservation

Morocco attracts over 10 million tourists each year. Many tourists arrive from Europe and America to buy beautiful handicrafts in Marrakesh or Fez, or to the see Africa’s largest mosque in Casablanca, or for health and wellness tours in Zagora or Agadir. Learn more:


But this North African nation is also a great destination for the conservationist in all of us. Forests make up only 8 percent of the national territory of this mostly semi-arid country. Yet, the government has made a concerted effort to conserve its forests as a part of its Vision 2020 plan for sustainability and ecotourism. Learn more:


There are eleven national parks in the North African of Morocco. The first park, Toubkal National Park, was established in 1942 and is the most visited.


Tazekka National Park has the most impressive record of conservation. It sits on a patch on the top of the Atlas Mountain range. The park which was created in 1950 initially contained a 1450-acre patch of land with the idea of preserving a unique grove of cedar trees. The Cedrus Atlantica is indigenous to the Atlas Mountains and is believed to descend from the cedars of Lebanon. The park is now almost 32,000 acres and features cork oak, holm oak, and other indigenous trees. The flora growth has made it a birdwatchers retreat. Learn more:


Because of its commitment to conservation, Morocco now has the largest number of Atlas cedars in the world. In contrast, neighboring Algeria has seen a dramatic loss of the Atlas cedar trees.


WildArk is a haven for conservationists seeking to protect and expand the world’s biodiversity founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. Its calling is to inspire others to visit and protect green belts around the world.


Wildark is pleased to provide research on actual experiences for learning and remaining active in the cause of conservation. Learn more:





Julie Zuckerberg: A Leading Recruiting Executive with Experience

Julie Zuckerberg is a career recruiter in New York. She has worked with different firms as a leading recruiter gaining a wealth of experience. Her primary roles as a recruiter include identification of employee skills and talents, informing employees on job descriptions and responsibilities and recommendations for best practices to the management. She extends her services further to offer counseling and coaching to employees and providing conflict resolution among employees to enhance a peaceful working environment. Julie is a graduate of Philosophy from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College and law at New York Law School.


Zuckerberg started her career with Hudson as the hiring manager. Her responsibilities included the hiring of attorneys, paralegals, case managers and support staff alongside other employees. She played a significant role at Hudson by enabling a system to offer solutions on work-related challenges without litigation. She enhanced the creation of a conducive working environment for employees that translated to better performance of the company. Julie left Hudson after serving for five years to join Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. As the executive recruiter, she helped Citi Global Consumer Bank develop new recruitment strategies and compensation packages for employees to increase employee productivity. Her contribution to the bank ensured the bank gained a competitive advantage in the banking sector. Owing to the success of her approach, Julie got a promotion to be the executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions. Combining her experience and skills in recruitment, she managed to bring in the right talent to drive growth and achieve the set targets. Julie created an enabling environment for the company to nurture and maintain the best talents. Julie departed Citi Global and joined New York Insurance Company where she undertook responsibilities of employees recruitment at all levels of the company. She also worked in conjunction with the senior management to plan the business strategy alongside seeking solutions to the challenges facing the business. Her notable contribution to the company was the introduction of new recruitment practices that included the use of social media platforms, employee referrals, and direct sourcing. Using this approach, New York Life Insurance Company managed to get highly skilled and best-performing employees. Currently, Julie works with Deutsche Bank as the executive recruiter, the head of Talent Acquisition and the vice president of the bank. Her responsibilities include the hiring of the employees among them the senior management positions. Julie also plays an active role in the bank’s negotiations and client management. Her training in law also comes in handy while undertaking contributions in company buy-outs, mergers and other business deals. In her current position, she taps into the global market searching for the best talent to recruit.


Alongside her career, Julie Zuckerberg is also active in social causes. She volunteers part of her free time to various programs that include environmental conservation, economic empowerment t of the less privileged and animal welfare. Julie also enjoys a broad range of activities and hobbies. Jogging, cooking, adventure and learning new technologies are among the hobbies that she undertakes regularly. Julie maintains an active presence on social media platform keeping constant touch with friends and family.



Norman Pattiz announces Edison Research Studies

The use of Podcast for advertising was investigated by Edison Research for PodcastOne. The chairman of PodcastOne together with the research company’s VP announced the results. The research was done to determine the success of 5 brands in different areas of the economy. During the last quarter of 2016, campaigns and advertisements were done using podcasts to determine the success of this mode of advertising.


The research conducted by Edison Research made the following determination;

A 7% increase in audience was noted in comparison to pre-study samples. Over 60% of the listeners were of a particular grocery brand.

  • The post-test study recorded a 60% increase in awareness of the campaigns for aftermarket products, particularly automobiles. Casual dining in restaurants went up by 76% owing to this advertising strategy.
  • A good many respondents were inclined towards auto aftermarket commodity: 1/3 of the respondents inclined this way. This was an 18% increase from what was recorded in the pre-study.
  • A 47% increase was recorded from pre to post examination of product familiarity. Aftermarket products, automobiles in particular, recorded a 37% increase. Lawn and gardening products reflected a 24% increase in sales.

So, Edison conducted three studies to determine the performance of five of PodcastOne’s national brands. Some of the products appeared to be well known to consumers in the market, but there were those which were still struggling to make a name for themselves.

Virtual surveys had been conducted before the launching of the PodcastOne campaigns to determine the audience it enjoys. The result of the surveys demonstrated that the audience in the market was inclined to make purchases of PodcastOne’s brands. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

PodcastOne’s chairperson, Norman Pattiz indicated that the intention of the survey was to confirm that traditional advertising methods had fallen to more contemporary ways. This he felt was a validation of PodcastOne’s methods.

The Edison VP was glad to have worked with PodcastOne. He reiterated that podcast advertising had infiltrated the market and was invaluable.

PodcastOne’s Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, apart from his leadership role in PodcastOne, is part of the ‘foreign relations council’. He is also a member of the ‘pacific council. He sits in the ‘University of California’ board. Pattiz once worked as ‘InterPacket Network’ director. He also worked at Westwood One in a similar position.

He has been awarded the ‘Broadcasters’ of the Year Awards on multiple occasions. In the recent past, he was inducted into Radio’s ‘Hall of Fame’ for his years of contribution to the industry.