Julia Jackson Helps Continue Her Family’s Proud Tradition of Winemaking

Julia Jackson fully embraces her family’s rich heritage in the winemaking business. She watched her parents work together throughout the years and developed her own passion for the business. She is currently the spokesperson for Cambria Estates which is part of Jackson Family Wines. She articulates skillfully that they are avoiding short term trends or fads and are fully focused on the family business and what has brought success.

Cambria Seeds of Empowerment is a group that Julia Jackson is proud to be a part of. It is a program that celebrates Warrior Women who have overcome adversity with their spirit intact. These types of women are inspiring to other women and the program awards cash grants to non-profit organizations which embrace their values. Equality, community, and spirit are the important criteria in which contenders are evaluated.

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Jackson hopes to provide more role models for young girls with the program. She believes there aren’t enough positive examples highlighted by the media. She hopes to change that with this program that spotlights women who overcome and display the strength of character to do so.

Cambria Winery is a fine example of women excelling in the world of business. Several of the top posts are filled by women including some of Julia’s family members. Julia Jackson obtained a certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in their General Management program. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Scripps Howard.

She has an interesting take on a Sonoma varietal which is not usually thought of first in regards to Sonoma. She points out that Sonoma produces a stellar Cabernet. The reputation of Sonoma for Cabernet is growing thanks to the Jackson family umbrella of wine vintners.

Julia Jackson is certainly one important reason that Jackson Family Wines can continue their proud tradition in the winemaking business.

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