Goettl Acquires Walton With The Aim Of Attending to Clients

Goettl Air Conditioning recently announced the new ownership of a family owned company that deals with HVAC. The name of the company is Walton Heating and Air. Although the financial details of the transaction were disclosed, it is evident that the acquisition brought in good business. The business allows Goettl to solidify its operations in different regions aside from the common places it is already established in like California, Phoenix, Las Vegas as well as Tucson. According to the owner of Walton’s, this is a chance for the company to expand its operations beyond common territories. This is what Longbrake Todd has not been able to achieve. Longbrake states that he took the business as far as he could. As at now, the business is stagnant.


Initially, Goettl has showed interest in acquiring the business, reports reviewbuzz.com. Longbrake was however reluctant because he was hopeful that he would establish powerful operating platforms for the business. That was in 2015. Following some promising comments that most clients made in the client review, Longbrake was convinced that the business would grow if it was acquired. Ken Goodrich played a fundamental role in convincing the owner of the business to let go. Longbrake settled for the choice to give up the business. In mid-2015, there was a meeting to finalize the transaction. According to Longbrake, the teams joined forces by merging. The acquisition yielded maximum positive results for the business.


Because Longbrake is the engine of the firm, he has been retained by Goettl as a sales manager and a field supervisor as well. According to Goodrich, Todd Longbrake has assimilated into the company’s culture as a leader. He is, therefore, instrumental to the company’s operations. Even though the deal was sealed two years ago, Ken Goodrich withheld the information on acquisition until 2017. This was because of the marketing reshuffling issues that the company was facing. Goodrich stated that the management wanted to align all issues before handing over the mantle to Goettl. Goodrich handled the issues throughout the acquisition given the value that he believed Walton would offer in the long run.


Being a leader in the industry of HVAC, Goettl has been shaping the air conditioning as well as heating industry for multiple years. The company provides clients with leading HVAC services in the state of Arizona. The commitment of the company is to serve the communities by providing top notch services. Through the continuing of a legacy that began in 1939, Goettl has established first evaporative coolers as well as refrigerators with their clients in consideration. Visit the company website: goettl.com.




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