Mr. Brian Bonar and Bellamy’s Restaurant

According to the article on the San Diego Magazine, San Diego County has the potential of turning into a place that is full of ultra-modern art projects. Similarly, Escondido is retail basin that consists of old-fashioned activities.

Moreover, it is a town, where agricultural elites from San Diego visit on a regular basis. Perhaps, retaining provincialism in Escondido is a sigh of progress that is hard to fight.

Also, Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur has a good history with Escondido. He built a mini-empire restaurant in the North County. The building of the mini-empire restaurant started with the renovation of the bistro, which is the current home of Bellamy and Ponsaty.

This is the place, where Charlie tried to develop a progressive dining restaurant. Later on, Mr. Bonar renamed the mini-empire restaurant to Bellamy’s. Therefore, for the purpose of bringing growth to Bellamy’s Restaurant, Bonar had to look for skillful staffs. Most of them were from El Biz, which announced the total overhaul of its employees. As a result, he was able to get himself a front man, Mr. Trevor Da Costa and Executive Chef, Mr. Mike Reidy.

Moreover, Brian Bonar is planning to turn the bigger piece of the mini-empire restaurant into the four-star event property along with the signature restaurant. However, for the plan to take off, Bonar is in need of a Marquee Chef. He was lucky to have the Master Chef from France, and this was the first step of making Bellamy’s one of the best dining places in San Diego.

About Brian Bonar – The Entrepreneur

Regarding educational background, Mr. Brian Bonar is a graduate of Strathclyde University. He also received his Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Mr. Brian is a dedicated and ethical professional who has risen from one rank to the other depending on the promotion.

Because of his dedication, Brian was promoted to the position of Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Department at Dalrada Financial Group. This was in 1994. Later on, in 1995, Mr. Brian Bonar became the Director of Dalrada Group. He held the position for two years.

Apart from the major positions that he held at Dalrada, Mr. Brian is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Group. Mr. Brian is also the acting CEO of the Amanda Group. He is a man who loves his work. He always serves every position with full capacity.