Maintenance Services Being Provided By Cotemar

There are various services being provided by Cotemar. The most important ones consist of maintenance as well as rehabilitation of platforms and the processing centers. These refer to the complexes of PEMEX that are in offshore installations. With this service work can be executed from the prefabricated assembly line. This will continue till the equipment as well as lines of service have been put back into operation.



This is a service by Cotemar that is supported by semi-submersible platforms as these have dynamic positioning. Hence they can move from one complex to the other easily and quickly.



Besides, there will be a work deck for construction of prefabricated along with the storage areas.



The control of all these operations is managed by making use of mobile connection equipment. This is done in order to capture the information in the field. Hence it requires support in technological systems. This would require correct planning along with a delivery in time. This would also require that the staff is well-specialized. This would be in the design, construction as well as adaptation of works that are used in the oil industry.



The main objectives of Cotemar include installing the right materials in place at the right time. This has to be done within the budget. It must be done with quality as well as safety. It is important to respect the environment too. All this is done with an intention to generate the reliability of each and every client.



Cotemar is able to contribute to the profitability of this business too. This is achieved by increasing the value of the work being done and by reducing the costs.



Cotemar is trying to raise value of your business. Besides, it will help to create value in various processes and products. This way the unit price will be able to deliver a certifiable work. Next, fast delivery is always guaranteed.



They are well aware that complying with the current environmental regulations is a high social commitment. There cannot be anyway to bypass this regulation. Hence Cotemar is committed towards these regulations too.



They make the clients’ goals their own and work towards achieving success in any venture in an appropriate manner. Hence they are trusted by their clients.

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