Why Rick Smith Became Wildly Successful

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus, took on his position with the company in 2008. When Rick Falcone, Chairman and CEO prior to Smith made this announcement, he also announced that a recent merger with two other communications companies were going to propel them to greater success. The merger took place with T-Netix and Evercom, two companies that are recognized for their leadership in the communications industry within the corrections marketplace. While many companies have been vying for a spot in the corrections marketplace, only a handful have become wildly successful.

Smith was handed a great opportunity with the mergers, as well as strategies that were continue the great service that the company offered their customers. The core of the strategy that Securus had put into place was to work hard at the most innovative tools and resources that are being used in communications companies today. This alone helped Securus to become one of the most highly regarded companies of its time. Rick Smith was selected for this reason, in an attempt to ensure that the next individual placed into this leadership role would continue their tradition of success in the industry. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Smith’s skills that he used prior to this announcement were ideal for his placement with the company. His leadership and interpersonal skills made Smith a favorite for the company. Smith’s track record of success along with his experience and his vast knowledge of how to take more innovative communications tools into the Corrections Marketplace have aided the drive behind his work with Securus.

With a rich base in telecommunications, Rick Smith knew what was necessary to build upon and enhance the efforts made by Falcone prior to his arrival in 2008. Smith held roles in finance, operations, business development and even IT prior to moving into the position at Securus Technologies. One of his prior employers, Eschelon Telecom, where he acted as CEO, he was able to grow the company by millions of dollars. With his hard work and determination, Smith led the company to their most successful IPO yet as of 2005. Additionally, as CEO of EBITDA, he grew the company to around $80 million.

Smith has undoubtedly changed the way that CEO’s are viewed by their counterparts, and education plays an important role in this. A degree in mathematics as well as electrical engineering are absolutely critical to why Smith has massive success in his career with Securus Technologies and previous companies. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Securus Brings Much Needed Wireless Containment System to Forefront

I am well aware that Securus is one of the most creative companies when it comes to prison solutions. I have found over the years that this company has been able to provide video visitation software as well as criminal investigation software for the prison system. I think this company has a great edge on the number of proprietary prison technology applications that exist. I recently discovered that Securus is also working on helping prisons manage unauthorized cellular devices with the wireless containment solution.


I think this is a great step in the right direction for the prison system because there are unauthorized calls in the past that have gone on to the network that can be trouble for prisoners as well as visitors. I do believe that the wireless containment systems can be used to collect data and also help solve crimes. The great thing about this wireless containment system is that it will also be able to serve as a preventative maintenance effort in crime. Preventing unauthorized communication is a great step in the right direction for the prison system. Securus has been around long enough for people to know that this company is effective.


Securus has become the company that has been known for these types of preventative measures. This company has also been able to provide prison systems with other things like applications that can cut down on prison fraternization. The wireless system has the ability to cut down on a lot of the cellphone traffic that could potentially lead to dangerous crimes inside of the prison.


I believe that this is great technology because there have been so many needs for this type of system in the past. There has always been a threat of security breaches with wireless devices so this Securus application is long overdue.


What this means for the prison systems is that there will be less money wasted because there is a wireless containment solution in place. Securus has been able to provide the prison system with monitoring products and investigation analysis Solutions so the wireless containment solution is just another way to help prisons save money. This is a great thing in my opinion because the prison systems are already overcrowded.