Kim Dao Spends Her First Day of Her Paris Trip

Kim Dao has not been in Paris for about three years; she had such a good time, that she wanted to come back. Bambigirl joined Kim Dao on this trip to  Paris. The weather was sunny when Kim Dao arrived in Paris at four in the afternoon. Kim Dao wanted get some shopping done on the first day because she heard it was going to rain the next day. She was hoping that if it did not rain the entire day, she could still get some sightseeing done. Kim Dao and Bambigirl had lunch at L’ Aubery cafe where they had fries, sandwiches, and egg, cheese, and ham pastry sandwiches. Learn more:


After their meal, the girls walked along the Pont Neuf river where riverboats sailed on in the background. Kim Dao and friend hoped to walk along the walkway until they could get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower that was built by Gustave Eiffel, the same man who constructed the United States Statue of Liberty. Before getting to the Eiffel Tower, the friends saw the Arc de Triomphe and passed by an amusement park with ferris wheel.


After sightseeing, Kim Dao and Bambigirl went shopping at Louis Vutton and Maje where they both bought some new clothes. The friends had vanilla ice-cream in a crepe dish at a cafe along the Seines River ( Across from the river the girls could see the Eiffel Tower. Kim Dao wants to go on one of those cross river boat during this Paris trip.