Kim Dao Spends Her First Day of Her Paris Trip

Kim Dao has not been in Paris for about three years; she had such a good time, that she wanted to come back. Bambigirl joined Kim Dao on this trip to  Paris. The weather was sunny when Kim Dao arrived in Paris at four in the afternoon. Kim Dao wanted get some shopping done on the first day because she heard it was going to rain the next day. She was hoping that if it did not rain the entire day, she could still get some sightseeing done. Kim Dao and Bambigirl had lunch at L’ Aubery cafe where they had fries, sandwiches, and egg, cheese, and ham pastry sandwiches. Learn more:


After their meal, the girls walked along the Pont Neuf river where riverboats sailed on in the background. Kim Dao and friend hoped to walk along the walkway until they could get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower that was built by Gustave Eiffel, the same man who constructed the United States Statue of Liberty. Before getting to the Eiffel Tower, the friends saw the Arc de Triomphe and passed by an amusement park with ferris wheel.


After sightseeing, Kim Dao and Bambigirl went shopping at Louis Vutton and Maje where they both bought some new clothes. The friends had vanilla ice-cream in a crepe dish at a cafe along the Seines River ( Across from the river the girls could see the Eiffel Tower. Kim Dao wants to go on one of those cross river boat during this Paris trip.

Goettl Acquires Walton With The Aim Of Attending to Clients

Goettl Air Conditioning recently announced the new ownership of a family owned company that deals with HVAC. The name of the company is Walton Heating and Air. Although the financial details of the transaction were disclosed, it is evident that the acquisition brought in good business. The business allows Goettl to solidify its operations in different regions aside from the common places it is already established in like California, Phoenix, Las Vegas as well as Tucson. According to the owner of Walton’s, this is a chance for the company to expand its operations beyond common territories. This is what Longbrake Todd has not been able to achieve. Longbrake states that he took the business as far as he could. As at now, the business is stagnant.


Initially, Goettl has showed interest in acquiring the business, reports Longbrake was however reluctant because he was hopeful that he would establish powerful operating platforms for the business. That was in 2015. Following some promising comments that most clients made in the client review, Longbrake was convinced that the business would grow if it was acquired. Ken Goodrich played a fundamental role in convincing the owner of the business to let go. Longbrake settled for the choice to give up the business. In mid-2015, there was a meeting to finalize the transaction. According to Longbrake, the teams joined forces by merging. The acquisition yielded maximum positive results for the business.


Because Longbrake is the engine of the firm, he has been retained by Goettl as a sales manager and a field supervisor as well. According to Goodrich, Todd Longbrake has assimilated into the company’s culture as a leader. He is, therefore, instrumental to the company’s operations. Even though the deal was sealed two years ago, Ken Goodrich withheld the information on acquisition until 2017. This was because of the marketing reshuffling issues that the company was facing. Goodrich stated that the management wanted to align all issues before handing over the mantle to Goettl. Goodrich handled the issues throughout the acquisition given the value that he believed Walton would offer in the long run.


Being a leader in the industry of HVAC, Goettl has been shaping the air conditioning as well as heating industry for multiple years. The company provides clients with leading HVAC services in the state of Arizona. The commitment of the company is to serve the communities by providing top notch services. Through the continuing of a legacy that began in 1939, Goettl has established first evaporative coolers as well as refrigerators with their clients in consideration. Visit the company website:


Dick DeVos and his Deep Integration with Philanthropy Bring Some Desirable Results for American Community

Dick DeVos, a well-known entrepreneur cum philanthropist, is known for some desirable changes in the American community with his philanthropic initiatives and contributions. He is a major driver of education reform in the country, and his school of choice, charter school system, school vouchers, and more are played some vital role in raising the education quality of the country. DeVos gives greater importance to education as he feels that every American child should have the choice for chasing the American dream. He believes that the quality education in the country has deteriorated significantly in the recent decades, and DeVos plans to expand his initiatives across the country.



Interestingly, the biggest share of his philanthropic contributions goes to educational initiatives and campaigns. Dick and his wife, Betsy DeVos – the current U.S. Secretary of Education – allotted more than $3 million in 2015 to various educational initiatives – almost 26% of their donations of the year. It should be noted that both the DeVoses contributed $11.6 million in that year, and that stands more than double the amount of $5.3 million, their collective political contributions for the previous five years. Interestingly, they have set up a foundation – Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation – to manage and monitor the effective utilization of funds.



A recent report available from their foundation shows that they have made contributions that add to $139 million until the date. Even Dick’s dad, Rich DeVos, the Amway co-founder, was also known as one of the leading philanthropic contributors in the country. Rich and his family have made life time contributions worth $1.33 billion; it is almost a quarter of their total fortune of $5.2 billion. From the contributions of both Dick and Betsy in 2015, 16 percent of the amount went to the community and civic initiatives, 12 percent to public policy, 13 percent for leadership and development, 5 percent for health services, and 4 percent to churches.



Dick is credited with many community support initiatives in his home town, Grand Rapids, Michigan. It includes the DeVos Performance Hall, Van Andel Arena, the Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Place Convention Center, and medical school of Michigan State University. These institutions and initiatives have changed the skyline of the Grand Rapids forever. In 2006, both the DeVoses contributed $12.5 million towards the construction of a children’s hospital under the management of Spectrum Health System.



Dick DeVos is the former Chairman and Chief Executive of Amway. He is currently the Chairman of Windquest Group, an investment advisory group and management firm, that focuses on clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. DeVos was also the President of well-known NBA team, Orlando Magic, during the period 1991-93. He completed his graduation from Northwood University in Business Administration, before joining Amway.



Julia Jackson Helps Continue Her Family’s Proud Tradition of Winemaking

Julia Jackson fully embraces her family’s rich heritage in the winemaking business. She watched her parents work together throughout the years and developed her own passion for the business. She is currently the spokesperson for Cambria Estates which is part of Jackson Family Wines. She articulates skillfully that they are avoiding short term trends or fads and are fully focused on the family business and what has brought success.

Cambria Seeds of Empowerment is a group that Julia Jackson is proud to be a part of. It is a program that celebrates Warrior Women who have overcome adversity with their spirit intact. These types of women are inspiring to other women and the program awards cash grants to non-profit organizations which embrace their values. Equality, community, and spirit are the important criteria in which contenders are evaluated.

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Jackson hopes to provide more role models for young girls with the program. She believes there aren’t enough positive examples highlighted by the media. She hopes to change that with this program that spotlights women who overcome and display the strength of character to do so.

Cambria Winery is a fine example of women excelling in the world of business. Several of the top posts are filled by women including some of Julia’s family members. Julia Jackson obtained a certificate from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in their General Management program. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Scripps Howard.

She has an interesting take on a Sonoma varietal which is not usually thought of first in regards to Sonoma. She points out that Sonoma produces a stellar Cabernet. The reputation of Sonoma for Cabernet is growing thanks to the Jackson family umbrella of wine vintners.

Julia Jackson is certainly one important reason that Jackson Family Wines can continue their proud tradition in the winemaking business.

The Trabuco: Doomsday Weapon Of The Middle Ages

It was the doomsday weapon of the Middle Ages. With the power to blast through thick stone walls from a previously impossible distance, the trabuco, also called a trebuchet, effectively forced the architects and engineers of the Middle Ages to radically rethink their approaches to castle defense.

What Is a Trabuco?
A trabuco was a medieval weapon that developed as an extension of ancient hunting tools such as atlatls, slings, or any other weapon used to extend the throwing power of the human arm. The typical trabuco consisted of a solid wooden frame, a long lever arm, an attached sling holding a projectile, and the key to the weapon: a massive counterweight swinging on the opposite end of the lever like a giant’s basket.

How Do You Use a Trabuco?
Typically, the trabuco was assembled during the siege or even constructed on site using available lumber and rocks. Once the trabuco was ready, a projectile would be loaded into the sling and hooked to the end of the long lever arm. The enormous swinging basket of the counterweight on the short end of the lever would be filled with rocks or other heavy material and then hoisted into the air. When the trabuco was ready to be fired, ropes holding the sling end of the lever would be cut. The counterweight would abruptly pull the lever down, and the projectile rock would be whipped into the air at the target.

Facts and Figures
On average, a trabuco was generally designed to throw stones of about 50-100 kilograms, but some could throw projectiles as large as 1500-1800 kg. Even a fortress like Scotland’s Stirling Castle was no match for the siege engine called the Warwolf. Accurately throwing stones of around 136 kg, the Warwolf destroyed the outer curtain wall and effectively ended the battle right there. According to, a key factor in the trabuco’s effectiveness was its incredible range, 300 meters on average, the rough size of three American football fields. This range rendered defenses such as moats, intended to keep out armed soldiers and horses, essentially useless.

Psychological and Biological Warfare
It goes without saying that the trabuco was also used for psychological and biological warfare on Crucial to the success of a siege — at least from the besiegers’ point of view — was a quick victory, since long-term occupation of an area usually meant increased possibility of death from starvation or diseases caused by tainted water and crowded conditions at In addition to stones, trabucos could also throw dung, burning pitch, or the bodies of the dead over the walls to distribute contagious disease or simply to horrify and disgust the enemy inside, weakening their morale.

How the Trabuco Changed Architecture
The trabuco exerted a profound effect on medieval castle architecture as defenders sought to prevent themselves from being reduced to rubble. Concentric moats were constructed for distance, and castle walls were built thicker. Round towers that made projectiles bounce off at an angle began to be the norm, and the first sultan of Egypt and Syria, An-Nasir Salah ad-Din, better known in the West as Saladin, developed a strategy of using counter-trebuchets mounted on top of castle towers to fire back at a besieging army or take down the other side’s trebuchets.

The Trabuco: A Mighty Weapon
Even after the widespread popularity of cannon, the trabuco continued to be used for a long time. Its ease of assembly, its complicated physics, and most of all, its devastating effectiveness made the trabuco the apex of medieval siege engine technology on

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the fighters for migrants in Arizona

Two brilliant journalists came together and formed an entity that would support the rights of migrants in Arizona. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin formed The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund organization which set to benefit the Hispanic community that had been a victim of not only civil rights but also racism at large. This fund organization is dedicated to helping different advocate groups that fight for various human rights. Initially, these two journalists used to defend and assert their First Amendment rights.

These two are also the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. The website of the organization has the details of the multiple advocate groups that are assisted by this outstanding entity and the work that they do. On the website, there are regular updates of news concerning various movements in Arizona and their proceedings from day to day.

Human rights and civic are two factors that help the human race to co-exist in harmony and peace. The rights should thus be accessible to anyone regardless of the race, country or residence. Through the leadership of Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin, the organization has played a great role in ensuring this over the years. According to these leaders, the people residing in Arizona deserves every service that is offered by their esteemed organization.

Many advocate groups owe it to them for enabling them to do what their groups were made to do. The organization is also known to back up people to exercise their freedom of speech and citizen participation in the society without the fear of discrimination.

The two journalist recently formed a Borderlands Matters Chair at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU which was aimed towards supporting the coverage of Hispanic issues along the border. The revenue of the entire organization is estimated to be $4.9 Million. They have grown over the years and currently have 32 employees in their organization.

The main competitors of the organization are Dream Ideation, Dream Hacking, and Dream One World. Mike Lacey who is also the editor of Village Voice Media and its Jim Larkin who is the chairman of the organization was recently awarded.

They were honored by various groups and organization like ACLU Foundation of Arizona, and Civic Libertarian of the Year Award. The previous president of ACLU Foundation Mr. John Hay recognized these two congratulating them of their staunch stand despite their illegal arrest. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Their illegal arrest leads to their compensation of $3.7 million by the state. The fund served as the start for the Frontera Fund. Their arrest dedicated them towards creating awareness for people that get harassed for telling the truth through writing. Their enchanting work extends to the Mexican border too to ensure that there is equity to all immigrants needing their help.

The organization is one of a kind as it has given very many people a voice ever since its establishment. The money may have been a lot to be offered for any previous intimidation cases, but still, it is to be known that no one can place a price on a person’s sense of safety and security in the current world.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Larcey:

George Soros is Balancing the Political Equation

American politics is all about balance. As a matter of fact, good politics is always about working with other political parties and accepting their views. Even if a person cannot agree with opposing political views, they still must consider them if they want their society to be balanced. If not, a dictatorship could easily arise and a political party’s perspective could easily dominate a society.

George Soros is a democratic financier who is a major supporter of that party and for liberal causes. Soros is a firm believer in the liberal agenda. He might not like everything that it stands for but he does endorse and support this way of thinking.

Soros’s ideology for liberalism grew from his upbringing. He grew up in Hungary during the time that Adolph Hitler started to dominate Europe. The Nazi regime had taken over Hungary in the early 40s and Soros’s family was Jewish people. Soros’s dad was a keen man who kept his family alive through deception. However, Soros had to experience the brutality of the Nazi regime as it decimated his people.

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Eventually, Hitler’s nightmare rule came to an end. In the aftermath, George Soros realized that no people could live under the rule of a dictator. He later realized that if a sole political party (such as the Nazi’s) could gain control of a nation, they could wreak unimaginable havoc. He later went to school in London and was exposed to the concept of an open society.

This ideology simply states that societies must remain free and people must have the right to express themselves and to form opposing ideologies different from the ruling party or government. In other words, a society must be balanced between opposing political parties to remain truly free. Read this article at Washington Times.

Soros learned these lessons well and it has motivated him to become a champion of liberal causes. Soros aligns himself with democrats because their agenda is more suited toward the masses and not the powerful elite. Keep in mind that many regular citizens also support the Republican Party as well. He also supports them because he believes that the liberals provide the best way to help the average person to thrive.

Soros donates millions to various liberal organizations. That is a part of the philanthropy that he does. His support helps to promote his agenda. While he does not write policy, or represent any one government, he pushes to have liberalism spread to every corner of America. The United States is not the only place that he promotes this political ideology. He also pushes for it in other parts of the world.

His birthplace of Hungary is another place where he supports liberal ideology. Soros is a popular figure in Hungary and much of his ideology is promoted there as well. He also works in various nations within Europe to promote his agenda there too. Soros is a powerful figure who advances his causes through his money, his connections and his desire to keep people from being controlled by one political party. Know more on about George Soros.

How Omar Boraie has Invested in the Real Estate Business

Omar Boraie is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in New Brunswick, Canada. He was born in Egypt and left his motherland about four decades ago. Boraie has currently ventured in the real estate development sector and has made several transformations that have improved the state of the city. He completed his higher education in Europe and is a Ph.D. holder. Omar developed the passion for real estate development when he was in Europe. He noticed that most communities in the region had well-structured housing programs. The entrepreneur started investing in the field despite having less knowledge and no academic credentials.

Omar Boraie is the proprietor of Boraie Development, which is one of the leading real estate firms in New Brunswick. The company was created in 1975. The New Brunswick real estate was not well developed during that time, but Omar was not discouraged. The firm has established many buildings to date. It completed the development of Albany Street Plaza Tower One in 1988. Omar later invested in the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two, which was launched in 2007. The latest building that has been constructed by Boraie Development is the One Spring Street condominium. You can visit to know more.

The One Spring Street condo is a residential property that has 120 top-notch apartments that can be purchased by anyone who needs a decent home. The housing units have varying sizes, and they include one, two, and three bedrooms. They all have a wide balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows. Most of the apartments at One Spring Street have two bedrooms, and they are sold for about $400,000 to $500,000. Omar’s company has been acquiring low-value land and buildings across the city, and it renovates them to create modern commercial and residential houses.

Boraie Development’s current vice president, Wasseem Boraie, is Omar’s son. He is a very innovative individual and has assisted the company completing significant projects. Wasseem led the enterprise in acquiring buildings that were around the Richard Stockon College and transformed them into great residential condos. He also led the firm in renovating hostels that were being used by the college students.

Omar is committed to his real estate development career despite having excellent academic qualifications in science. His innovation has assisted in bettering the state of the city’s housing. He has been working with various leaders in the industry, and this has enabled him to be well connected. The accomplishments of Boraie Development will be recognized for decades.

Check out the website

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Morocco’s Tazekka National Park is a Model of Conservation

Morocco attracts over 10 million tourists each year. Many tourists arrive from Europe and America to buy beautiful handicrafts in Marrakesh or Fez, or to the see Africa’s largest mosque in Casablanca, or for health and wellness tours in Zagora or Agadir. Learn more:


But this North African nation is also a great destination for the conservationist in all of us. Forests make up only 8 percent of the national territory of this mostly semi-arid country. Yet, the government has made a concerted effort to conserve its forests as a part of its Vision 2020 plan for sustainability and ecotourism. Learn more:


There are eleven national parks in the North African of Morocco. The first park, Toubkal National Park, was established in 1942 and is the most visited.


Tazekka National Park has the most impressive record of conservation. It sits on a patch on the top of the Atlas Mountain range. The park which was created in 1950 initially contained a 1450-acre patch of land with the idea of preserving a unique grove of cedar trees. The Cedrus Atlantica is indigenous to the Atlas Mountains and is believed to descend from the cedars of Lebanon. The park is now almost 32,000 acres and features cork oak, holm oak, and other indigenous trees. The flora growth has made it a birdwatchers retreat. Learn more:


Because of its commitment to conservation, Morocco now has the largest number of Atlas cedars in the world. In contrast, neighboring Algeria has seen a dramatic loss of the Atlas cedar trees.


WildArk is a haven for conservationists seeking to protect and expand the world’s biodiversity founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. Its calling is to inspire others to visit and protect green belts around the world.


Wildark is pleased to provide research on actual experiences for learning and remaining active in the cause of conservation. Learn more:





Julie Zuckerberg: A Leading Recruiting Executive with Experience

Julie Zuckerberg is a career recruiter in New York. She has worked with different firms as a leading recruiter gaining a wealth of experience. Her primary roles as a recruiter include identification of employee skills and talents, informing employees on job descriptions and responsibilities and recommendations for best practices to the management. She extends her services further to offer counseling and coaching to employees and providing conflict resolution among employees to enhance a peaceful working environment. Julie is a graduate of Philosophy from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College and law at New York Law School.


Zuckerberg started her career with Hudson as the hiring manager. Her responsibilities included the hiring of attorneys, paralegals, case managers and support staff alongside other employees. She played a significant role at Hudson by enabling a system to offer solutions on work-related challenges without litigation. She enhanced the creation of a conducive working environment for employees that translated to better performance of the company. Julie left Hudson after serving for five years to join Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. As the executive recruiter, she helped Citi Global Consumer Bank develop new recruitment strategies and compensation packages for employees to increase employee productivity. Her contribution to the bank ensured the bank gained a competitive advantage in the banking sector. Owing to the success of her approach, Julie got a promotion to be the executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions. Combining her experience and skills in recruitment, she managed to bring in the right talent to drive growth and achieve the set targets. Julie created an enabling environment for the company to nurture and maintain the best talents. Julie departed Citi Global and joined New York Insurance Company where she undertook responsibilities of employees recruitment at all levels of the company. She also worked in conjunction with the senior management to plan the business strategy alongside seeking solutions to the challenges facing the business. Her notable contribution to the company was the introduction of new recruitment practices that included the use of social media platforms, employee referrals, and direct sourcing. Using this approach, New York Life Insurance Company managed to get highly skilled and best-performing employees. Currently, Julie works with Deutsche Bank as the executive recruiter, the head of Talent Acquisition and the vice president of the bank. Her responsibilities include the hiring of the employees among them the senior management positions. Julie also plays an active role in the bank’s negotiations and client management. Her training in law also comes in handy while undertaking contributions in company buy-outs, mergers and other business deals. In her current position, she taps into the global market searching for the best talent to recruit.


Alongside her career, Julie Zuckerberg is also active in social causes. She volunteers part of her free time to various programs that include environmental conservation, economic empowerment t of the less privileged and animal welfare. Julie also enjoys a broad range of activities and hobbies. Jogging, cooking, adventure and learning new technologies are among the hobbies that she undertakes regularly. Julie maintains an active presence on social media platform keeping constant touch with friends and family.