Norman Pattiz announces Edison Research Studies

The use of Podcast for advertising was investigated by Edison Research for PodcastOne. The chairman of PodcastOne together with the research company’s VP announced the results. The research was done to determine the success of 5 brands in different areas of the economy. During the last quarter of 2016, campaigns and advertisements were done using podcasts to determine the success of this mode of advertising.


The research conducted by Edison Research made the following determination;

A 7% increase in audience was noted in comparison to pre-study samples. Over 60% of the listeners were of a particular grocery brand.

  • The post-test study recorded a 60% increase in awareness of the campaigns for aftermarket products, particularly automobiles. Casual dining in restaurants went up by 76% owing to this advertising strategy.
  • A good many respondents were inclined towards auto aftermarket commodity: 1/3 of the respondents inclined this way. This was an 18% increase from what was recorded in the pre-study.
  • A 47% increase was recorded from pre to post examination of product familiarity. Aftermarket products, automobiles in particular, recorded a 37% increase. Lawn and gardening products reflected a 24% increase in sales.

So, Edison conducted three studies to determine the performance of five of PodcastOne’s national brands. Some of the products appeared to be well known to consumers in the market, but there were those which were still struggling to make a name for themselves.

Virtual surveys had been conducted before the launching of the PodcastOne campaigns to determine the audience it enjoys. The result of the surveys demonstrated that the audience in the market was inclined to make purchases of PodcastOne’s brands. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

PodcastOne’s chairperson, Norman Pattiz indicated that the intention of the survey was to confirm that traditional advertising methods had fallen to more contemporary ways. This he felt was a validation of PodcastOne’s methods.

The Edison VP was glad to have worked with PodcastOne. He reiterated that podcast advertising had infiltrated the market and was invaluable.

PodcastOne’s Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, apart from his leadership role in PodcastOne, is part of the ‘foreign relations council’. He is also a member of the ‘pacific council. He sits in the ‘University of California’ board. Pattiz once worked as ‘InterPacket Network’ director. He also worked at Westwood One in a similar position.

He has been awarded the ‘Broadcasters’ of the Year Awards on multiple occasions. In the recent past, he was inducted into Radio’s ‘Hall of Fame’ for his years of contribution to the industry.

Tammy Mazzocco Narrates about her Career in Real Estate Industry

Edwards Realty Company is a renowned real estate company in Ohio State. Over the years, Edwards Realty has produced many talented real estate agents. One of them is Tammy Mazzocco. Tammy’s reputation has grown quickly over the years becoming an example to many individuals willing to join the business. You can visit Inspirery to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco started her profession as a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company. As the years passed, she rose up the ranks to become a Property Manager. At Edwards, she worked together with nine agents including Mike Zelnik.

Tammy Mazzocco later went to Scotland Yard Condominiums where she worked for several years. It was during this period that her reputation grew the most and established herself as a realtor. Under the encouragement of Ken Cook, Scotland Yard’s general manager, she became a fully licensed real estate agent in 1995.

Later, Tammy Mazzocco joined T&R Properties. In 1998, Tammy Mazzocco became Joe Ameni’s personal assistant. In 1999, she went independently and put into practice the over the 18 years’ experience she had gained. Today, Tammy sells real estates in Ohio, Fairfield, Licking, Delaware, and Franklin counties.

For Tammy Mazzocco, real estate career is a lifestyle as well as a part of her life. As long as you plan your day, you are destined for success. For one to succeed in the real estate business, patience is paramount. Tammy Mazzocco is not an exception; she had to work hard in her early years. After establishing herself and with the help of her supporters, her clients increased.

There is no risk-free business venture. However, whenever you face difficulties, Tammy advises that you keep moving on. Due to the increasing number of social media users, the best place to sell one’s products is on social media. Tammy says that Life’s Strategies book by Dr. Phil encourages her.

Tammy insists on giving quality services to the client than looking at the financial gain. It’s due to this that she is growing fast, and she has been an encouragement to many. Her future is undoubtedly bright. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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No Poo Shampoo – Really?

The controversy still continues over original shampoo or the not-so-new no poo shampoo method. While the thought of not washing your hair might make you cringe, certain hair advocates (and no poo movement members), believe that the unnecessary lathering of shampoo may be harmful to your mane.

Shampoo has been a daily essential for the past several decades. The no poo movement believes that the ingredients in shampoo strips your hair of it’s natural oils and in return your scalp and hair produce more oil to compensate. Hence, needing to wash and shampoo regularly.

The no poo shampoo is a natural method consisting of baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and water. The concoction is made up of half and half. Mix half baking soda to half water and half apple cider vinegar to half water.

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The no poo shampoo doesn’t stand for not washing your hair at all. Actually rinsing your hair with water is acceptable. The benefit of using this non-lathering method is there is no signs of damage to your hair. The no poo shampoo is cost effective too. No poo shampoo users have reported washing their hair once a week to every two weeks with fabulous results (after the transition period).

Wen By Chaz, a natural, light-lathering, cleansing conditioner, is said to be comparable to the no poo shampoo. Endorsed by TV models and celebrities, Wen By Chaz has had positive results on all hair types. This natural cleansing product leaves the hair looking and feeling fuller and lustrous.

If you’re looking for a new regimen besides the everyday wash and lather, it’s worth the cost to try Wen By Chaz cleansing products or the no poo shampoo method – Really.

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Online Reputation News

With the ever-growing number of employers, recruiters, and even college admissions officers checking for more information on potential candidates, it is vital to ensure your record is shown in a positive light at all times online. Whether you are a business owner or if you simply represent a business or brand yourself, keeping clean profiles is a must. Working together with a reputation management service that specializes in online profiles and images allows you to move forward in any direction, personally or professionally.

Why Branding is Not Just for Professional Companies

The term “branding” is no longer simply used for companies and entities that want to appear desirable to consumers. Instead, each individual online has their own brand and identity today. Ensure your profiles do not push negative agendas, hate speech, or other rhetoric that may be deemed as “offensive” by recruiters, employers, and potential colleges you have applied for yourself.

Keep Offensive Material Away From Your Name says to always remember to keep offensive material away from your name, as this can quickly lead to diminishing your credibility and the credibility of your business (or the company you work for). Take time to “Google” your name and any accounts you use online to edit or delete content entirely that may be offensive to others or in some cases, cost you your job.

Do a Thorough Cleaning of Social Media and Your Own Website

Once you have a clear understanding of how social media monitoring works, be sure to fully review your own social accounts along with any websites you own to rid negative remarks, comments, and content. Conducting a thorough sweep through your social media accounts and websites is a surefire way to remove negativity whether you are applying for a new position or if you want to uphold your brand’s current positive standing.

Data regarding social media bans, firings, and resignations are growing at a new rate with the advent of the internet and various platforms to share opinions and thoughts (which are not always positive). Together, an online reputation management firm and yourself can wipe your slate clean to avoid future conflict.

Mr. Brian Bonar and Bellamy’s Restaurant

According to the article on the San Diego Magazine, San Diego County has the potential of turning into a place that is full of ultra-modern art projects. Similarly, Escondido is retail basin that consists of old-fashioned activities.

Moreover, it is a town, where agricultural elites from San Diego visit on a regular basis. Perhaps, retaining provincialism in Escondido is a sigh of progress that is hard to fight.

Also, Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur has a good history with Escondido. He built a mini-empire restaurant in the North County. The building of the mini-empire restaurant started with the renovation of the bistro, which is the current home of Bellamy and Ponsaty.

This is the place, where Charlie tried to develop a progressive dining restaurant. Later on, Mr. Bonar renamed the mini-empire restaurant to Bellamy’s. Therefore, for the purpose of bringing growth to Bellamy’s Restaurant, Bonar had to look for skillful staffs. Most of them were from El Biz, which announced the total overhaul of its employees. As a result, he was able to get himself a front man, Mr. Trevor Da Costa and Executive Chef, Mr. Mike Reidy.

Moreover, Brian Bonar is planning to turn the bigger piece of the mini-empire restaurant into the four-star event property along with the signature restaurant. However, for the plan to take off, Bonar is in need of a Marquee Chef. He was lucky to have the Master Chef from France, and this was the first step of making Bellamy’s one of the best dining places in San Diego.

About Brian Bonar – The Entrepreneur

Regarding educational background, Mr. Brian Bonar is a graduate of Strathclyde University. He also received his Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Mr. Brian is a dedicated and ethical professional who has risen from one rank to the other depending on the promotion.

Because of his dedication, Brian was promoted to the position of Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Department at Dalrada Financial Group. This was in 1994. Later on, in 1995, Mr. Brian Bonar became the Director of Dalrada Group. He held the position for two years.

Apart from the major positions that he held at Dalrada, Mr. Brian is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Group. Mr. Brian is also the acting CEO of the Amanda Group. He is a man who loves his work. He always serves every position with full capacity.


Why Rick Smith Became Wildly Successful

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus, took on his position with the company in 2008. When Rick Falcone, Chairman and CEO prior to Smith made this announcement, he also announced that a recent merger with two other communications companies were going to propel them to greater success. The merger took place with T-Netix and Evercom, two companies that are recognized for their leadership in the communications industry within the corrections marketplace. While many companies have been vying for a spot in the corrections marketplace, only a handful have become wildly successful.

Smith was handed a great opportunity with the mergers, as well as strategies that were continue the great service that the company offered their customers. The core of the strategy that Securus had put into place was to work hard at the most innovative tools and resources that are being used in communications companies today. This alone helped Securus to become one of the most highly regarded companies of its time. Rick Smith was selected for this reason, in an attempt to ensure that the next individual placed into this leadership role would continue their tradition of success in the industry. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Smith’s skills that he used prior to this announcement were ideal for his placement with the company. His leadership and interpersonal skills made Smith a favorite for the company. Smith’s track record of success along with his experience and his vast knowledge of how to take more innovative communications tools into the Corrections Marketplace have aided the drive behind his work with Securus.

With a rich base in telecommunications, Rick Smith knew what was necessary to build upon and enhance the efforts made by Falcone prior to his arrival in 2008. Smith held roles in finance, operations, business development and even IT prior to moving into the position at Securus Technologies. One of his prior employers, Eschelon Telecom, where he acted as CEO, he was able to grow the company by millions of dollars. With his hard work and determination, Smith led the company to their most successful IPO yet as of 2005. Additionally, as CEO of EBITDA, he grew the company to around $80 million.

Smith has undoubtedly changed the way that CEO’s are viewed by their counterparts, and education plays an important role in this. A degree in mathematics as well as electrical engineering are absolutely critical to why Smith has massive success in his career with Securus Technologies and previous companies. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Julie Zuckerberg – A True Beacon to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Julie Zuckerberg is the Vice President and Executive Recruitment Leader at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is ranked amongst the largest financial institutions worldwide. The bank was founded in 1870 in Berlin, Germany and has operations in over seventy countries to date. Julie is based in the Bank’s office in New York City.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Personal Accomplishments

Julie Zuckerberg is in charge of leading, coaching and training the recruitment teams at Deutsche Bank. She also provides employees with strategic direction to yield high performances .Julie uses her fifteen years of financial recruiting experience to improve the selection of candidates, the screening and hiring processes at the Bank.


Julie Zuckerberg conducts research and counsels people on the hiring practices that are leading in the bank industry. As a result, Julie has enabled her employer at Deutsche Bank to attract the best candidates for competitive positions.She is very proactive and carries out regular reviews on the company’s processes for audit and quality procedures.


Whenever there is a vacant position, Julie always considers the employees first. This consideration is because people with training tend to produce faster results especially in the banking industry. Zuckerberg at times involves employees during the process of hiring because they can assist her to quickly identify possible candidates. Also, the employees can contribute details about potential candidates before the interviewing process. According to Zuckerberg, failure to use information of an employee during the recruitment process can lead to problems. Therefore, Julie prefers to have open conversations with the employees whenever there is a vacant position available.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Career Background


Julie is a former graduate of Brooklyn College and New York Law School where she pursued philosophy and law respectively. Julie has advanced her skills through her extensive recruitment career and mastered leadership, management, change management, executive staffing and conflict resolution.


After completion of her studies, Julie began her career at Hudson as a candidate placement director. At Hudson, she carried out her duties diligently for five years. Julie Zuckerberg later moved on to Citi Global Consumer Bank in 2007 as an Executive Recruiter in New York. This position assisted Julie to gain more knowledge and empower herself with information on the process of recruitment.


Julie Zuckerberg progressed and joined New York Life Insurance Company. Her role involved working alongside the senior management team to initiate business strategy plans. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg holds the Talent Acquisition Leader title at Deutsche Bank. She is responsible for the hiring and negotiation process at an MD level. As an Executive Talent Lead, Julie is responsible for ensuring that the recruitment management has the best practices in the company.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Hobbies


Julie has an interest in home decors, photography, arts, travel and athletics. She also considers herself a foodie and frequently visits New York city’s best rated restaurants.


Julie Zuckerberg invests her free time by contributing to causes that interest her such as social issues, human rights and animal welfare.


Julie Zuckerberg is a well rounded recruitment leader who has led the recruitment team at Deutsche Bank successfully for three years. She believes that recruiting the right people for the job contributes to the success of a company.



Donald Scott Beard Trimmers

Donald Scott has created the DSNYC beard trimmers for every man who wishes to shape up his facial hair. Men must take great pains to ensure that their beards will look good, and they will find the DSNYC trimmers the best in the industry.


The trimmers that Donald created are made for men who have varying dédorées of facial hair. Men often do not know how to manage their beard when it gets too thick, and they opt for cutting it off when it could have been trimmed down.


Men who are using Donald Scott beard trimmers will find that they may pare their beard down to an acceptable level, and it is much easier for them to trim their beards because they are using a tool made for the job. Donald Scott has done an incredible job of helping every man tame his beard, look his best and present a better image.

InnovaCare Health, Providing Quality Health Care To Needy People

InnovaCare is redefining health care management. InnovaCare Health provides the individuals in the low social class in society with quality and affordable health care services. Most of the people in the world are poor, and quality health services are a luxury. InnovaCare Heath has created a solution towards this problem. It is the first of its kind since most providers either compromise on the quality or the price. InnovaCare Health is here to stay. It provides quality health care to people who are not in a position to access health care. InnovaCare provides Medicaid and Medicare in North America. It is the leading health institution in North America. It is based in Puerto Rico. It has over 200,000 members who enjoy the Medicaid due to its affordability. The institution prides itself on providing quality customer service and putting the needs of the client ahead of their financial benefits. Many people have enjoyed the quality and cheap health care through InnovaCare Health. Contact details available at

InnovaCare Health depends on its executive team in a diverse and changing health care setting. It has developed a contract with the Government Health Plan to see the achievement of their goals. Two competent medical professions lead the team. The two include Richard Shinto who is the chief executive officer and Penelope Kokkinides who is the chief administrative officer. The two people have excellent skills in their line of profession. They showcase the best in their industries. Visit their website at

Richard Shinto has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field. He has worked with various programs to generate plans and strategies to improve health care. He has gained authority in the area as he develops different strategies in line with InnovaCare to improve the health sector by bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. He is a leader who is open-minded and looks for strategies from any person in his team. He believes that people deserve quality health care despite their financial background. He recently represented InnovaCare Health when they won an award in increasing health care accessibility by Western University. Their input in health care is changing the society. Penelope has experience in working with medical field as a person who comes up with strategies and implements them. She has worked as a government consultant and with many other health institutions to develop and implement strategies. She believes that InnovaCare Health is an organization that supports its vision and mission.


The Exemplary Life of Investor Arthur Becker

Arthur is a New York-based entrepreneur and investor. Arthur has a vast experience in technology and investment banking. Arthur has worked for many companies in the finance industry in the U.S. Currently; he works for Madison Partners LLC. as a managing member. Madison Partners is a well-established company with professionals in banking and real estate. Madison Partners mainly specializes in identifying investment opportunities in biotechnology and real estate.

Arthur started his journey in the investment industry in 1988, when he joined Bear Stearns. In 1991, he acceded to be the chairman of directors at ProGroup Inc. In 1994, he oversaw the sale of the company. ProGroup Company was responsible for the management of three brands: Hotz, Arnold Palmer, and Duckster.

In 1994, Arthur decided to start his company and founded Bnox. Arthur acted as the president of the business and dealt with developing products for use in the camera market. Bnox sold its products through CVS, T-Max among other retailers.

According to his profile, Becker later founded Advance Patners LLC. It was a consultancy company that helped investors in the United States acquire businesses based in the United Kingdom. Advance Partners is well known by advising on the purchase of National Car Park by Cendant Corporation. The deal was worth 1.1 billion GBP.

In 2011, Arthur in partnership with a fellow financial partner founded Atlantic Investors. This is what formed his basis, and since the market was fast changing, he had to change his working formula. In the years that followed, it took over three data companies. The well-known company was NaviSite which offered services in the US and UK especially Internet technology services. Arthur served as the CEO, and the company grew rapidly over the eight years under his leadership.

In the same year, he decided to sell the company to Time Warner. Arthur was appointed as the chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC. the position he held from 2012 to 2015. It was after that when he decided to start investing privately through the Madison Partners.

The key to Arthur’s success is flexibility in strategy, being intelligent, and listening to colleagues.